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14k White & Yellow Gold 4mm Reversible Omega Chain Necklace, 16″ 17″ 18″ 20″

$1,293.00 (as of February 16, 2018, 8:45 pm)

Made from solid 14k gold
4mm thick
Polished finish



This necklace is made of solid 14k gold (not plated or filled) and stamped “14K.” This classic necklace is a brilliant choice for wearing together with your favorite pendant.
Chain is 4mm thick, is available in: -16″ (weight ~ 12.8g), – 17″ (weight ~ 13.6g), -18″ (weight ~ 14.5g), – 20″ (weight ~ 16.1g). This sleek, reversible omega chain boasts a 14k gold side, in addition to a 14k white gold side.

Choosing Chain Length
Unsure what length chain to shop for? 18″ is the usual length and will look great on the general public. 13″ length is advisable only for small children. The 15″ length is great for small children as well, however it may also be worn as a choker on a regular size adult. The 16″ length will fall just above the collarbone on a regular sized adult woman, even as the 18″ chain will fall just below it. A longer 20″ will likely fall just above the bust, and a 24″ chain will fall at the bust. Chains longer than 24″ will likely reach the abdomen. For very best results, we do strongly recommend the use of a tape measure to test neck size before placing your order.

About Gold
Pure gold (24 karat) is a very soft metal. With a view to make it into durable, beautiful jewelry you’ll be able to wear on a regular basis, it’s mixed with other metals so as to add strength. The most well liked alloy of gold is 14k gold, which is 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% other metals like silver and copper. 10k gold is 41.6% pure gold and 18k gold is 75% pure gold. Adding other metals to gold also allows us to make beautiful gold variations like white and rose gold.

Gold Jewelry Care
To evenly clean your gold jewelry, soak it in a bowl of mild liquid detergent and lukewarm water. Then rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Watch out to not bend any prongs even as cleaning, as this is able to loosen stones from their settings. Gold is a soft metal, so we propose storing your gold jewelry for my part wrapped in soft cloth to offer protection to it from being scratched by other jewelry or objects.
Made out of solid 14k gold
4mm thick
Polished finish

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